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INVITE: (Yet Another) High Bitrate MP3 Test! :-)
Happy festivities 2012 everyone! I know...  You guys have been "there and back" with these tests :-) Nonetheless, I'm hoping some with take up the challenge one more time so I add to the data collection.

Over the last 2 weeks, I've put up a survey of MP3 (high bitrate ~320kbps) vs. the un-lossy-compressed CD audio.

My hope is to capture data from music lovers, especially those with good sounding gear, to see how well a "well encoded" (AKA "properly molested") MP3 can be discriminated from the unmodified original CD audio rip.

For those who have never tried this (and even more so if you know someone or a friend who KNOWS MP3 sound quality sucks!), it may be useful to have the experience of going through this as a challenge for oneself. Hey, I wish Neil Young would try this given his outspoken golden ears :-)

Feel free to spread this test around to friends & other audio sites.

After listening, there's a survey to complete including feedback about how long it took, certainty of one's findings, and approx price of the audio system. Feedback anonymous of course. I figure I'll collect the data till the end of January or so then publish the data. I certainly welcome discussion here and on the blog site. For those with audio editors / DAW's, remember, use your ears, not your eyes . Also please do not 'let the cat out of the bag' if you know the answer until after the survey's conclusion! Thanks!

Get the test here:
Archimago's Musings

Have a wonderful holiday season everyone!