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Rebadged / Rebranded drives
Are rebadged & rebranded synonyms, or do they have different meanings?

Besides cosmetic changes, drive model identifiers & firmware, how can rebadged and/or rebranded drives differ from the original drive specs? e.g., can any of the following either be added or subtracted by a rebadge / rebrand: AccurateStream, C2 detection, HTOA support, audio caching, lead in or out overread, disc format support, etc.?


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Rebadged / Rebranded drives
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It isn't necessarily such that [company X] and [company Y] who both buy the physically same drive from [company Z], equip them with the same firmware.

There seems to be an endless discussion on how to convert the Benq [don't remember model] into the semi-legendary Plextor PX-230A by reflashing firmware. I have no idea whether it turned out to work.
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