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[DOUBLE POST] Getting Started w/ Foobar
Hi, I'm a brand new Foobar user, so please forgive the rudimentary nature of this question -- and also please forgive any violation of protocol. I'm trying to move away from iTunes, for various reasons, and Foobar looked like it was worth exploring as an alternative.

So I just did the download, everything looked fine -- and I discovered that I could access most of the music files that were already on my computer. I started up a tune, everything sounded fine -- and then as I was exploring some of the toolbar options and accidentally clicked the Playback/Random opttion (arrow + ?), the music came to a sudden halt.

When tried to get it started again, I discovered that the check option for Playback was stuck on STOP -- and nothing that I can do will un-stick it. I would assume that I should be able to select PAUSE, PLAY or whatever and the check mark would move to that box, but nothing moves it from STOP.  The bar moves down the sub-menu options when I drag the mouse, but nothing happens when I select any other option.  The check mark doesn't budge from STOP. 

I've done a "reset," I've exited and restarted Foobar and I've even turned off and restarted the computer. All to no effect. At this point, I'm a little discouraged. This is not "user-friendly" behaviour.

Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong -- or what's going on?