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Topic: How to detect raw AAC (non-ADTS) frame boundary (Read 3381 times) previous topic - next topic

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How to detect raw AAC (non-ADTS) frame boundary
Hi All,

I have AAC-LC mono audio stream coming directly from audio encoder.
I don't have control on encoder, as its android media recorder.

What I read from encoder's output is a raw aac stream, No ADTS headers, no container data as I want to stream encoded audio directly as it arrives.(before file gets saved).

I want to determine the AAC audio frame boundaries/frame lengths in incoming encoded raw AAC stream. (encoded AAC will have variable byte lengths.)

Can I search for any fixed frame headers/patterns inside raw aac byte stream, so that I can determine frame boundaries?

Is it possible with AAC? (else It looks like only decoding raw aac is the only option to find out frame boundaries.)

Thanks in advance for your valuable inputs.
Satish MR.