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Current mp3gain alternatives for reducing clipping?
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MP3s directly encoded from loudness war era CD audio often do clip (go above 0dB). Some hardware will have extra bits to handle this (by doing their actual decoding at -6dB or other techniques), but most decoders will decode this as a max-value clip.

If you want to manually reduce the output level of an MP3 without re-encoding, you can use mp3directcut.

Use the option edit->normalize, stop analysis and manually set the gain of the whole file to -12dB and press OK. Then run normalize again. If the level change after analysis is less than +12dB then apply it and save, because the decoded output of the original MP3 was clipped. If you want headroom for equalizers and post-processors that may exceed hardware clipping limits, you can reduce the post-analysis normalization level by -3dB or more.
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