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[TOS #5] From: Can not tell difference between these samples
Could we not show OP just a little bit of love? Especially since the topic
' "Audiophile" listening event @ Definitive Audio in Seattle, Atkinson to demonstrate "evils of MP3" '
shows how much misleading propaganda is out there?

Could one not just say that good modern encoders like vorbis are designed to throw away only those parts of the signal that isn't registered, anyway, and that not being able to hear a difference between lossless and a modern lossy encode at some reasonable bit rate is perfectly normal, and not a sign of any kind of deafness?

You know, without all the aggro and n00b-bashing?

Lol at "evils of MP3". I think that much of the hate against lossy compression is because lossy data compression is being confused with dynamic range compression that is ruining so much music today. I take a 128 kbps mp3 with a good dynamic range (I have some old 128 kbps mp3s that are encoded from 1980s music and actually sound very nice) over a FLAC file that was made from a CD that is clipping everything any day.

MP3s are not bad. 16-bit audio is not bad. Digital is not bad. What is really bad is horrible mastering. Selling much of today's music in lossless 24-bit would be kind of like selling cat urine in a golden cup. Not because new music is bad music, but because most new music is mastered extremely badly.