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Help with computer setup
Hi, I'm looking for some advice on what kind of PC setup to use for my requirements.

My current setup:

Audio system: NAS - silent PC - DAC - AMP - speakers
Home PC: Vadim PC (5 years old), 24" BenQ monitor
iPAD: calendar, diary, PDF reader, other apps etc
iPhone: basically as above
TV - often connected to Home PC for movies

I use the home PC for internet, downloading, games, photos, emulation (hyperspin) and work (MSoffice)
I use the iPad for work as above, and for a number of other apps. I use PDF expert to handle my files, which it's good at, but don't tend to work with Word/Powerpoint files - this is easier on the PC

What I would ideally like is one unit to function as my main PC, work PC (and so replace the iPad if possible) and media server for sending movies to the TV (ideally with a DVD/blu-ray player). I would like something relatively powerful in order to be able to play modern games (I'm not looking for mega resolutions), though really like the functionality of the iPad and would like to have this if possible. I have seen some laptop/tablet combos that look interesting.

Any thoughts, relevant or otherwise, appreciated!