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Resource Hacking VIS AVS
Noticed today while beginning to learn AVS presets using the Winamp AVS Plugin (2.83) the word
"Winamp" in the editor window. Easily changed using Resource Hacker to "AdVanCeD ViSUALiZaTION StUDIO".

It's waaaayyyy neat. Probably change the About dialog too.

Tried to add a button to one of the render dialog boxes but it didn't appear (but did manage to block
out text when I first positioned it incorrectly) it was invisible but affecting.

Makes me wonder if adding elements would allow further access to whatever the in Windows the
plugin is communicating with...I might figure it out but then I'd probably have to "dream in code"
or something....


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Resource Hacking VIS AVS
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You know that the source code for AVS is freely available, right?

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Resource Hacking VIS AVS
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Yeah, I had heard something like that. I'll have to get my C binoculars on and browse
through I did a few years back looking through the Audacity source code trying
to figure out how to write Nyquist plugins!  I prefered looking through the LISP OOP
sourcecode, but I thought I might find out something useful............

Oh yeah, as an added bonus (to you for reading this thread), going through the
AVS settings, I noticed that the FPS is by DEFAULT set to around 60 frames per
. As most film is 24-30FPS and most animation is 12FPS, setting this
lower makes sense (and probably reduces processing power as less frames
probably need to be processed). The result is a much, how shall I say, smoother
graphics animation. Less headache and (probably) less chance for epiliptic attacks
or immediate hypnosis...

Of course, this setting applies to all plugins (not just specified plugins) and needs to
be set in the DISPLAY options AND the FULLSCREEN options. I suppose you could
mention your programming FPS in a comment or something or a README....
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