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foobar2000 10th anniversary

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foobar2000 10th anniversary special:
Classic User Interface

Thanks Peter, thats really cool.
Congratulations for such remarkable milestone.

I couldn´t help myself from recovering my very first version from an old backup CD:  12/29/2002  00:56

It seems it´ll be 30 days more before I become a 10 years user   

For the celebration, lets remember how it all started: [a href='index.php?act=findpost&pid=131702']First version of Foobar[/a]

foobar2000 10th anniversary

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foobar2000 10th anniversary

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Wish +10 years hard work continuation
I guess only developer(s) knows what it takes to make product that appears so simple and cute, while letting user, more or less, total control over precious audio library

Can someone post a screenshot of new component

foobar2000 10th anniversary

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I've been around since v0.26 - fb2k has come a long way! :B
Life is Real...
(But not in audio :) )

foobar2000 10th anniversary

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I started with v0.8.3 (carefully stored and working).

Long live foobar2000!!!

loquor mee menti: factus de materia, cinis elementi...

foobar2000 10th anniversary

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wow, has it been that long already? i was introduced to foobar sometime in 2003, though i didn't fully commit to it until somewhere in 04/05. it was before 083.

foobar2000 10th anniversary

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Congrats !

I just realised that I've been using Foobar for 8 years. wow.

foobar2000 10th anniversary

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Happy birthday dear foobar2000 

foobar2000 10th anniversary

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The best player EVER!

Thank you foobar2000! You are awesome!

foobar2000 10th anniversary

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Gosh, it really has been a full decade.. I'm growing OLD!! 

Many congratulations to Peter (PP) for the success and street cred of this player and thanks to him and everybody here who contributed with code, knowledge and camaraderie. 

foobar2000 10th anniversary

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BIG Thanks to all involved.  Been using it for 8 years and have never needed to use any other media player. Does everything I need ..... and more!

foobar2000 10th anniversary

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Happy birthday, Foobar2000!

You're my daily companion.

foobar2000 10th anniversary

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December 4, 2002

[00:30] <cd-rw_org> What is the player going to be called?
[00:30] <zZzZzZz> foobar2000.
[00:31] <JensRex> Foobar2000?
[00:31] <zZzZzZz> foobar2000.
[00:31] <ath> foobar2000?
[00:32] <JensRex> I like the idea of not trying to come up with a fancy "cool" smartass name.
[00:32] <JensRex> Like "Tha Playa" from DivX.
[00:32] <zZzZzZz> i like the idea of trying not to come up with a fancy "cool" smartass icon.
[00:32] <zZzZzZz> :B
[00:33] <JensRex> That too
[00:33] <JensRex> Any particular reason why it isn't plugin based?
[00:34] <JensRex> It's going to be huge, supporting all those formats.
[00:34] <zZzZzZz> i have mp3/vorbis/mpc/mod/spc already
[00:34] <zZzZzZz> and somehow its not huge
[00:34] <zZzZzZz> plugins are considered

[00:45] <zZzZzZz> ok, ftp updated with 0.03a
[00:45] <zZzZzZz> added ctrl+a / del / up/down cursors
[00:45] <zZzZzZz> + home / end

[00:46] <zZzZzZz> this will be all over HA in a few days prolly seeing how popular it gets after one day

It is possible upload  this version - 0.03a?

foobar2000 10th anniversary

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It is possible upload  this version - 0.03a?

[a href='index.php?act=findpost&pid=131471']This post[/a] points to foobar2000 v0.3c that it is currently unavailable though foobar2000 v0.43 is ok.

My 0.3x series and several others were uploaded by [a href='index.php?act=findpost&pid=334394']rjamorim[/a] long ago on Really Rare Wares but you´ll have to get them from web archive.

Maybe [a href='index.php?act=findpost&pid=352245']Thundik81[/a] can share his collection again (which includes the 0.2x series !!!).

foobar2000 10th anniversary

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Thanks to Peter and the team for this excellent player!