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Column UI customising
I am slowly exploring foobar and all its is my question:
Is it possible to control what each view option displays?
Situation: I have a column with sort by artist/album in the view window. This column duly displays this info, together with the year of the album, and, occasionally, other info which I guess is part of the album tag. I would like the column to display just the names of the artists and albums without the rest...possible?
Thanks. Be gentle - i am learning as I go.

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Column UI customising
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It might be better if you posted a screenshot of your config so that it's easier to assist you. I suspect what you're describing is the Album List (or perhaps Album List Panel). The settings for both are located at Preferences > Media Library, and both make use of title formatting to configure what they display.

The following are some of the strings you could possibly use to obtain what you want by creating a new view:

Code: [Select]
%album artist% - %album%

%album artist%[ - %album%]

[%album artist%[ - %album%]]

%album artist%|%album%

%album artist%[|%album%]

[%album artist%[|%album%]]

Each is subtly different in appearance but do differ in what they return and how that which is returned is displayed. It's a good idea to learn the title formatting I linked to above if you are going to use foobar as title formatting is used extensively.

You also might want to read the foobar2000 wiki. It's not up to date, but it will allow you to learn how to use foobar more or less and familiarize yourself with the terminology used.
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Column UI customising
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Thanks, BenB...that's exactly what I was looking for. I see how this works now and will play around with it.