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[TOS8] Vinyl trolling
I just hopped the on this website for the first time today and read this thread - this appears to be a one sided discussion - I guess we will see how open this forum really is. 

There is not a clear answer for what fomat is better...only opinions.  and why would you ever let someone else dictate what you have an interest in?  Life is short, go have fun!!!

Vinyl requires more attention - you will need to invest some extra time, but I enjoy it.

Vinyl done right sounds terrific - like all boils down to the recording.

I enjoy both digital and analog formats - but for critical listening with my headphones - I prefer vinyl.

People that say records wear out are incorrect - they simply do not know how to set up a turntable or own a vacuum record cleaner.

These "digital only" people crack me up as they probably never had a decent vinyl rig, or at least even heard vinyl played properly, but are so quick to give their uninformed opinion...gee that's helpful.

now is the BEST time to get into vinyl - the quality ot the tables are awesome, at a very reasonable price - the quality of vinyl is much better these days as well. 

A couple of questions to you digital only people...
Why are vinyl record sales increasing every year? 
Have you actually listened to an album from lets say...Analogue Productions?
How can high end stereo stores across the country still sell turntables - if this is such a weak format, why would they bother?
Why are there still record stores if this format died 30 years ago?
Ever heard of Record Store Day? hmmm...must be a fad, huh?

So I guess I owe a big "THANK YOU!!!" to the tunnel vision digiphiles because thankfully you aren't cluttering the aisles at my local record store.