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Chapter Marks for ID3 tags now in eyeD3 library

I am starting a chapters post again  - now for ID3 tags ...

There was a ID3 chapter frame outthere for a long time:
But it seemed that nobody supported it.
Now the open source python eyeD3 library  (version 0.7.1) integrated our chapters implementation and everyone is welcome to use it

At the beginning of 2012 we included ID3 chapters in our system and it got very popular with podcasters, because most of them use MP3 files (every old hardware device supports it) and it's still possible to include chapters for more modern devices.

Also some popular podcast clients implemented these chapters:
- instacast for iOS (
- downcast for iOS (
- antennapod for Android (open source,

More information:
- link to eyeD3:
- eyeD3 chapters example:

So now chapters are not only limited to MP4 podcasts, but also available in MP3 files and Vorbis comments - would be great if other tools support it

Have a nice day,
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