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  • sammael
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unable to remove library monitored directory
Well, i think title says it all  I've been a long time user of foobar2000, never had any problems until now.

The situation is as follows:

I want to remove the monitored directory. Soon as i press OK or APPLY in f2k preferences screen after i remove the directory from Media Library watch list, foobar hangs at 100% cpu usage. After 15minutes of no disk activity i killed the process, then after restarting foobar the directory is again in the monitored list with no way of getting rid of it.

Clean install is not an option for me as i use tech skin which was (as any more complicated skin for f2k) painfully complicated to install and I would not wish to have to undergo that again under any circumstances, if that was the only solution I'd rather use symlink being able to monitor only one directory as it is.

My question is, is there a .ini file someplace, or a registry setting, which I could change and on next startup f2k would think it never monitored any directory ?

Using Windows 8 64bit, foobar2000 1.1.18, core2duo 2.66ghz, 4gb ram, 1gb nvidia 550ti
Any other info i should provide feel free to ask I'll do my best to provide it.


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unable to remove library monitored directory
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Sounds like the "painfully complicated to install" skin is causing extreme lag on mass removal of media library items. Perhaps you should wait patiently to let it finish - leave fb2k running overnight perhaps?

Alternatively, after killing fb2k process you get asked whether you want to start in safe mode on next fb2k startup - use safe mode to change the configuration then restart.
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  • sammael
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unable to remove library monitored directory
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Thanks for the suggestions i will try both of them. I know clean install would be probably for the best, but i really spent a *lot* of time tinkering with the skin, editing small things here and there that I in fact don't believe I'd get it to look and work same as it does now again without copying over some files form the original install, which would defeat the purpose of clean install.

If you don't hear form me again then one of your suggestions worked

Thanks for your support and an awesome audio player/manager!