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Active subwoofer around €100
I'm looking to get an active subwoofer for christmas. I was looking at the S80 from Cambridge audio. Is this a good choice? What would you recommend? €150 is my upper limit.
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Active subwoofer around €100
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I don't know  anything about that speaker, but Cambridge has a good reputation.  Have you heard that sub?  Can you go to a store and listen to some subwoofers?

Every speaker sounds different and there are always compromises.    With a subwoofer, you'd ideally like strong, deep, even-accurate bass reproduction  (assuming you want "high fidelity").  That generally takes a big box with a big driver and a big amplifier (and a good design).

It's hard to get strong-deep bass out of a small driver, so the designer has to choose between smooth bass that rolls-off at the lowest frequencies and "boomy" one-note bass.    The buyer needs  to compromise too, so it's best if you can listen before buying so that you'll be happy with your choice.