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ripping into monkey audio APE format with EAC
I followed word for word of the tutorial located at

    Open EAC and insert a CD into the drive.
    Click the EAC menu and select Compression Options.
    Click the External Compression Tab, and put a check box in use external program for compression.
    Change Parameter Passing Scheme to User Defined Encoder.
    Change Use file extension to .ape if not already that.
    Click the Browse button and locate the wapet.exe.
    Remove the ticks from Use CRC check, Add ID3 tag and check for external programs return code.
    In the Addtional command line options box, copy and paste the string below.

APEv2 Tag:

%d -t "Artist=%a" -t "Title=%t" -t "Album=%g" -t "Year=%y" -t "Track=%n" -t "Genre=%m" "C:\Program Files\Monkey's Audio\MAC.exe"
%s %d -c2000

Note 1: This needs to point to where the MAC.exe is located and please ensure that " " is around the full location.

Note 2: Alter this switch for the desired compression mode
-c1000    Fast
-c2000    Normal
-c3000    High
-c4000    Extra High
-c5000    Insane

But it told me 'I have tag error in the command line' and the cursor goes back to it. What am I doing wrong?

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ripping into monkey audio APE format with EAC
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There's an Important note just at the beginning of the wiki page.

Also you can find relevant info here: