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Will this sound setup work for Livestream?
Will this work? The reason I ask is because I know there are different kinds and types of audio cables and I am too ignorant to know these things. I wish I knew and had more experience in this field of industry to not have to post for help.

We're going to have a main speaker, and questions from a live audience using a wireless handheld microphone. These will be our two only audio sources. They need to be heard from speakers and through the Livestream stream.

Do I need to use different cables or get different hardware? The reason for the 50ft cable + small mixer is because this small mixer will be located behind the audience or somewhere in the center of the room, and at this spot will be the Livestream Broadcaster, a video camera, a computer running PowerPoint, and a video switcher. The speaker and receiver will be up around the front on stage. We want to avoid getting a complicated mixer, so we are looking into getting a StageMate S400D that has a built-in mixer that does everything we need it to do.