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Topic: [DOUBLE POST] Foobar is getting worse, never again on my PC. (Read 818 times) previous topic - next topic

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[DOUBLE POST] Foobar is getting worse, never again on my PC.
I see that foobar has unfortunately become very unstable, especially since there WASAPI 3.0, EVENT there are noises and crackles, even changing the buffer, with WASAPI PUSH freezes the PC, and sometimes restarts if I press play.
I asked for help in the other section of the forum, but no one has been able to give me an explanation.
As far as I'm concerned not using you never Foobar with my hi-fi music liquid.
Using Windows 8 64-bit, with a regular license and a PC with Core i7 and 8 GB ram.
Perhaps it would be to pay for this software, but develop a more precise ...
Thank you for your work, but now you can not use it well
Best regards
Bye bye
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