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standalone portable recorder
Looking for a nice solid state recorder, may have its own mics, must have at least two xlr inputs. Do they have some sort of tc generator i can record to dslr track as well? (for automagic sincronization in software later?)

Basicaly a rig will consist of canon 7d (used as video camera), tripod or steadycam, and this thingy that i cant even imagien yet.

maybe ?

Practically field tested suggestion are welcome, if you have to guess, please skip this one.
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standalone portable recorder
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I worked on a project where we used the Zoom H4n and (IIRC) a Tascam DR-100. Both seemed to work fine.

One slight annoyance with the Zoom is that it has clicky buttons for adjusting volume and if you use them during recording it will be heard on the recording. But otherwise it's a very popular recorder, used often for video.