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Cookies stale, or what?
it seems the forum is not recognizing my state (i.e. the state of the application); the behaviour is quite as if erroneous, and most annoying. I suspect there is some attempt to curb spam, but it makes for a LAME (like ancient music enthusiasts’ forum [vs lame aint an mpeg encoderism]) experience.

What is the recommended browser? like President Peanut, perhaps there's a secret knock? Abe Lincoln's something-or-other , and a slide rule, and this determines the appropriate proxy required?

From here, the forum-- at large-- seems broken. In particular, switching from the foobar2000 category , to other operations, the [this] user is logged-out, each time. Forums may be yesterday's tech-- but-- it seems there's something wrong here.

Anyone else recognize strange behavior, as I've described?
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Cookies stale, or what?
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Delete every hydrogenaudio-related cookie in your browser. Every major browser works fine here, I personally recommend Firefox, but really Internet Explorer, Opera and Chrome would work just as well.
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