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Foobar cannot find playlist music files
So I recently downloaded Foobar and put all my music files into it in a series of about 30 playlists. I then closed out of windows explorer (which I used to drag the files into foobar) and condensed all my music folders into one central location in my music folder. I understand that maybe moving these files could have messed it all up, but some of the playlists (~1/8) still play and I have tried using Edit->Preferences->Media library---> add path too the new location and it isnt working even after closing and re-opening foobar. Any help/suggestions please anyone? It is really troubling me.

I have looked into that revive dead files download thing (for lack of a better word, haha) but I can't seem to get it to work? Any other ideas or help with that one would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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Foobar cannot find playlist music files
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judging from this post of yours, foo_playlist_revive isn't working because you didn't install it
file > preferences > components > install > ...
after the installation process go to a playlist and edit > revive dead items
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