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Problem loading .M3U saved by Winamp
I'm trying to switch from Winamp v2.95 to foobar2000 v1.1.16 and there's a problem.
It seems that foobar2000 can't properly load .M3U playlists that contain .CUE files and indexes. It skips all .CUE entries.
Example .m3u :

Johannes Brahms - 21 Ungarische Tanze.cue,1  <--- this is index 1 from .CUE file
Johannes Brahms - 21 Ungarische Tanze.cue,2  <--- index 2
Johannes Brahms - 21 Ungarische Tanze.cue,3  <--- index 3
Johannes Brahms - 21 Ungarische Tanze.cue,5  <--- index 5 (skips index 4)

Is there any method to load a playlist like this without re-adding manually all missing CUE entries? The playlist that i'm trying to load is very long...

Thank you.
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