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Track Numbers for FLUKE'd iTunes

I'm a noob so sorry if this is a dumb question.

I am ripping to FLAC from CD using dbPowerAmp
I copy the FLAC files to my MAC in the iTunes Music folder
I open them in Fluke 0.2beta - this makes them playable as lossless in iTunes

Problem - the Track Number info is missing so they play in Alphabetical order

My work around is tedious - alter the track number in Get Info dialog in iTunes.

but would prefer a 'automatic' solution

any ideas?

matt a

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Track Numbers for FLUKE'd iTunes
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Sounds like a bug (or just a basic feature that's missing). You could always rip to ALAC directly or convert your FLACs to ALAC with dbPowerAmp, and use those with iTunes directly.
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