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  • tsroaster
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"Conversion failed: Object is not seekable"
since v1.1.15 I get seconds after starting to rip live streams (eg. as mp3, V5) this awfully in-formative "Converter Status Report":
"1 out of 1 tracks converted with major problems.
Source: ""
  Unable to open source file: Object is not seekable
  Conversion failed: Object is not seekable"

Applicable for all tested stream sources on two different WinXP installations. fb2k installation option: "update". Equalizer enabled on _playback_. Output DSP: None. Buffer 410ms, 16bit,
  • Dither.
    Reinstalled 1.1.14a twice now: works .. What's the mess?

  • _TNT_
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"Conversion failed: Object is not seekable"
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Have the same problem. I'm trying to convert a stream radio translation from Kiss FM Radio( Convertion is set fo Format: MP3 (LAME), V2. Output folder: ask later. Output type: tracks into individual files. File name pattern: %title%. Lame path is set. Previously, on v1.1.14 and earlier it worked. What changed now? Foobar forgot how to write a stream?

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"Conversion failed: Object is not seekable"
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Problem acknowledged and fixed for the next version, thanks for reporting.