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EAC development.
Hi to all.
Anyone have any news about EAC development ?
I'm still waiting the 1.04 beta version with some news functions e bugfix.
I wanted to use dbpoweramp for my new rips, but unfortunately it don't creates the cue files... a big lack for me.
Thanks in advance  .
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EAC development.
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No news on EAC, but guessing your requirements in the EAC/dBPA area, it seems that CUEripper (part of CUEtools) might be worth a look. The logs match EAC's and, like EAC it will check against the CueTools Database (CTDB) which will correct modest ripping errors, as well as AccurateRip's which won't correct errors, so ripping in Burst Mode is quite viable for moderately popular albums. It offers Image+CUE or Tracks+CUE options.
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EAC development.
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dBpowerAMP does currently support the creation of .cue files. You must rip to cue+image though.
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EAC development.
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After a week of testing I decided to switch entirely to dbpoweramp.
I ripped several CD and I must say that dbpoweramp is improved a lot with the latest versions (secure rip, tags, etc...).
Probably I will buy the reference version; EAC also looks abandoned with little support and some bugs too (I 've loved it for years).
I will use EAC only for create the cue file (must have for me) to add to the folder album ripped.
I wanted to publicly congratulate to Spoon for the excellent work (I hope you can read this).
Now the only lack is the creation of the cue for individual tracks and then the program will be perfect.
Spoon if you're reading, please add this request to the to-do list .