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Comparing Headphones Which Ones Are The Best? Suggestions?
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My Budget is under $90. (Use them for mainly music and occasional fps games)

Here are the headphones I’m considering to buy:

Sennheiser HD 419 Headphones, Black

Sennheiser HD 429 Headphones Black

Audio-Technica ATH-M30 Professional Headphones

Could you guys tell me which of these sounds the best? (Usually listen to mainly pop and occasionally soft and rap)

(I don't listen to dubstep or other heavy bass needed music)

It'll be great if you give me other suggestions

Thanks! Sorry I'm  Completely new to buying headphones


Also if you have time which is better?

Sennheiser HD 449 Headphones Black VS

Audio-Technica ATHM50S Professional Monitor Headphones

The sennheiser HD 449 has the best sound stage of all the headphones you mentioned so it will be better for FPS games
also great for music as it has great mids(which the athm50 lacks), tight bass and overaal better balanced than the other headphone , the athm50 only has strong bass and extra details(because its a studio monitor, other than that it has nothing much to offer

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Comparing Headphones Which Ones Are The Best? Suggestions?
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Shure SRH 440 $99 on the dot

If you don't get those, the Grado SR60i is a good choice.

Beyond that, I would purchase a high end in ear set of headphones; Klipsch Image s4, Ultimate Ears UE500 or 600 or the Denon AH-C560R.