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Another cue sheet question

First time post, though long time occasional fb2k user.

Although the archives are full of cue sheet questions and problems, I am surprised to find none with this one:

Mostly, I rip as individual tracks but I do have some as whole album files with cue sheet, none of which scan to show individual tracks in Foobar:

I know that fb2k’s default setting in <Media Library\Preferences\File Types> is to , <Exclude *.cue> from the library scan but it makes no difference whatever I do here; whether I just remove *.cue from <Exclude>, or <Restrict to *.cue> (Yes, even when I clear the library and rescan). I have examined the cue sheets as text and they appear to follow the standard format, they are embedded, and they do work perfectly with other players, such as Media Monkey and Music Bee. Indeed, proof that they are correctly formatted is that forcing Foobar to read the cue sheet individually by <File\Add file> results in correct display of an album of several tracks.

I am very keen to get such issues resolved because fb2k promises to be the most versatile of all the PC meda managers & players.

Thanks for any assistance.