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How to remove Lyrics show pannel v3
I can't remove Lyrics Show 3 pannel in my foobar ncmcpp mod. I added it by accident by right clicking and selecting it while i wanted to add CD Art display. When i right click on it instead of having remove pannel i have options to edit lyrics and stuff. I'd like to avoid restoring foobar since i modified the colors and everything and since i'm kind of a noob it took me a long amount of time to get everything the way it is. Here's what my foobar looks like right now and the right click options.

There's 2 lyrics show pannel, i added an extra one while trying to remove the first one  .

How to remove Lyrics show pannel v3
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Follow the menu. view/layout/enable layout editing mode, then right click over the lyrics panel and choose cut UI element. I guess this should work.

Edit: Well if its columns UI then go to preferences ctrl+p then columnsUI/display choose layout tab then right click over the desired panel to delete.
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