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Buffer Reinitialize?
I need to have a large buffer because of a lot of processing going on, and I switch audio outputs in windows often for different routing reasons.

After I re-enable my primary output (a presonus firestudio mobile) the 30000 ms buffer is lost and it reverts to about 2000ms. The slider in the output tab says I'm still on 30k, but the buffer wont be able to keep up and will chug heavily after a few seconds of playing. I've tried using different foobar outputs (wasabi, primary, and the named presonus speakers one) and they all seem to ignore the buffer slider. I have also restarted the program, but it doesnt seem to matter. Restarting my computer seems to get foobar's internal buffer responsive.

Is there any way to send a command to force a specific buffer size or reinitialize something to get my 30,000 ms buffer back without having to restart my computer?


Win7 64
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