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DeaDBeeF 0.5.6 released
DeaDBeeF 0.5.6

changelog since 0.5.5

[blockquote]wavpack: fixed reload_metadata not clearing old data
sndfile: fixed big/little endian byte swap buffer overrun
gme: fixed loopcount bugs
alsa: fixed race condition bug leading to freezes
alac: added new ALAC plugin with proper gapless playback support and other goods
aac: lots of bugfixes and improvements, as usual, including half/double duration bugfix, and custom metadata fields support, and audiobook chapters
cue and m3u parsers can now skip utf8 BOM
automatically fill new/edited column title from the selected column type
removed the frame widget around playlist to make scroll bar more accessible in maximized windows
restored old GDK drawing in GTK2 plugin, because cairo produces weird shit on older GTK2 versions -- that means, tabs and playlist now look correct again with gtk2.20 and below
gtk3 compiling is now enabled by default, if gtk3 sdk is installed
--enable/disable-gtkui configure option is removed, now there are only --enable/disable-gtk2 and --enable/disable-gtk3
added Menu key support
always auto-name playlist by folder name when empty, even if the playlist title is non-default
insert/delete key support in track properties (Ruslan Khusnullin)
fixed Enter and Esc keys in track properties
fixed playlist column auto-resizing in maximized window
added user-agent configuration for, vfs_curl, etc
added cp936 charset detection support. it breaks cp1251 detection, so it's done as an option -- look in the preferences (Joey Zheng)
show blank instead of "?" when a metadata field is absent
fixed local album cover files search order, it's alphabetical now
alsa: added a hack/work-around to prevent releasing sound device when a user switches between tracks
m3u: improved handling of relative file pathes
converter: fixed handling "/" in filenames; fixed tag-writing to files which have special characters
fixed resuming last session in shuffle albums mode
fixed several libmms freeze/hang/crash bugs
vorbis: update waveformat dynamically, so now it's possible to listen the radios which switch between mono and stereo dynamically
mp3: fixed samplerate shown in the track properties
added work-around for unsupported channel masks to wavpack and sndfile plugins
fixed notification cover-art loading for tracks with empty album[/blockquote]