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Error with converter


When I use the converter of Foobar 200, I have still have an error:
For example
"Source: "cdda://020370E0" / index: 1
  An error occurred while writing to file (The encoder has terminated prematurely with code 1 (0x00000001); please re-check parameters) : "E:\Musique\La Primavera- I. Allegro.flac"
  Additional information:
  Encoder stream format: 44100Hz / 2ch / 16bps
  Command line: "H:\Exact Audio Copy\flac.exe" -s --ignore-chunk-sizes -5 - -o "La Primavera- I. Allegro.flac"
  Working folder: E:\Musique\"

Can you help me to solve this issue.

Thanks  a lot.

JC Martin

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