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Date Tag in foobar2000 1.1.15 changed
In previous versions of foobar2000 I have used the Date tag on compilations to reflect the range of years in which the material was recorded, i.e. "1991-2003".  I don't really care about the release date for a compilation as I would like my sort-by-date playlists to have the earliest material at the top.

I just upgraded to the latest version (from 1.1.12, so not sure where the change would have come in) and foobar2000 refuses to write this tag any longer.  A YYYY is ok, and it will also still accept the YYYY-MM-DD that I would use for a live recording.

Is this intended behavior, and if so, is there a way to force it to accept the old version? If not, I can just create my own tag to write the date, but I'd rather not retag 40,000 files....

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Date Tag in foobar2000 1.1.15 changed
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The change you're noticing began with 1.1.13 if this is in reference to id3v2.3 tagging.

Data in the date field must be in either a YYYY or YYYY-MM-DD format, otherwise foobar may refuse to add the tag or you might face losing the data altogether if you alter other tags with foobar.

Consider using TORY frames (which foobar identifies as <ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE> in Properties) for your purposes. Technically this field should be in a YYYY format but as for now, foobar's tagging will allow you to use your chosen date format; however, I suggest that you use the correct format for the field.
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