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Setup similar to the album cover grid view in iTunes
hi everyone so i made an account here in order to hopefully get some help with foobar. i made the leap from itunes to foobar yesterday and i am having trouble setting it up they way i would like to, before i go on id like to point out that i am a complete and utter noob at foobar.

hoping someone here may be able to help me out with this, i set up foobar with this theme/setup

the problem starts when i go into music tab it shows album cover grid which i like, but it doesnt show most of the art work, but when i click to play it the album artwork does come out on the bar on the left without any problems. i want to know how to add the album cover to the album artwork grid when i click the music tab.

the other thing is in the music view it shows album artwork but it is not arranged per album. for example i have some albums that are various artists and each song has a different lil album art box instead of all song being under the same lil album box.

can you guys please help me out in setting this up in that particular way? or if it cant be done point me towards something with functions somewhat like the ones im having trouble with right now?

in essence id like foobar setup in a way similar to the album cover grid view in itunes, where i jsut see grid of album covers and when i click it it expands into contents of said album. or at the very least i'd like a fix for the above linked theme with the mentioned fixes.

a third thing which does not bother me much but would be nice is that the lyrics thing in the above theme does not seem to find any lyrics whatsoever so either delete it or if you could tell me how to set it up in such a way for it to find em

thank you in advance