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[DOUBLE POST] From: High memory usage
And as I said, after 3 days it is already above 120MB. If the player is not playng anything, no memory raising occurs.
Anyone else experiencing this?

Over the past few months I have upgraded Foobar through the versions to the current 1.1.15. I use it as a jukebox 24 hours a day. During the same period I started experiencing memory problems and eventual crashes with auto reboots. At first this happened every three days, then every two.

Using task manager, I started eliminating possible program candidates one by one while monitoring free memory and commit total over time periods of several hours. I finally narrowed the problem down to Foobar2000. I then went to, and downloaded and installed version 1.11.11. Monitoring over a two day period now shows NO increase in commit total or decrease in free memory. I have not changed or eliminated any of the plugins I was using previously.

Looks like I am stuck with version 1.11.11 forever.

-dan z-
-dan z-