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[TOS #6, everything in one topic] Some basics needed
Greetings and thanks for this forum.

See tremendous potential here but have been humbled with my inability to reliably get a few things done.

First is configuring the UI.  Their are some fabulous looking ones out there, I jut can't seem to set them up.  I got one up, but it never loaded a second time.  Can someone point me to a straight forward guide on this?

Second, is my maiin goal is to stream from a server, to a laptop (on a home network) then feed to a USB DAC.  I've tried the Upnp component, and while I see the server library, I cannot get anything to play.  I can go itunes to itunes using the servers library.  Also can you get the full UI on the laptop using another home networked PC's library?

These two things will get me going and hope not to be so dense afterward!