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  • filoe
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Computer Headset for music
I am searching a headset for listening music while working on my laptop.
The problem is that it has to be quite good because I wear it sometimes 10-12 h a day.
I don t really need it to play computer games or anything else (just a few times) but it has to have a good sound, good quality and has to be comfortable.

So does anyone has any experience?

Btw. there is another point: I have a quite big head so it shouldn t be to small.

  • Hotsoup
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Computer Headset for music
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FWIW, I have some Beyerdynamic DT880s that I find very comfortable and I have a big head. The only issue is that the top of my head (or hair?) gets tired after an hour or so. At that point I rest them on another spot and it's OK.

  • DVDdoug
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Computer Headset for music
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If you are picky about sound (and/or comfort) I always recommend that you go to a hi-fi store and try-out headphones (and speakers) yourself.    Specifications are almost worthless, they all sound different, and different people have different opinions of what sounds best.

Do you have a price range in mind?

You'll also want to consider if you want "closed" headphones (sound isolation), or if you want "open" headphones that you can hear-through.  (I usually prefer "open" headphones.)

Of the headphones I own, I'd say my Koss PortaPro are probably the most comfortable*, and the only ones I'd want to wear many hours a day.  They are light weight, small, and open.    They are also the cheapest that I have (~$50 USD), but the sound quality isn't too bad.  (They are usually rated as one of the best-sounding in their price range...  There is a reason they've remained popular for about 30 years...)

If you search this forum, you'll find quite a few headphone recommendations. also has recommendations various price ranges, with a  minimum of "audophile nonsense".

* I have a small head.  I had to add a pad to my Grados where they rest on my head.  Otherwise they sit too-low on my ears, even adjusted as "small" as they go.
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  • lisag
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Computer Headset for music
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Price range???

I'd suggest an over-ear style so there's nothing pressing directly on your ears. I've got these cheapie Sennheiser's at work - - and I wear them 8hours+ a day. They are super comfortable and don't squish my head or make my ears hot.

I also really like the Sennheiser PX-100's ( which are also very lightweight and comfortable. But eventually even those can press on my ears a little bit. They're better if you take some breaks in between wearing during the day.

  • filoe
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Computer Headset for music
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Hmm thanks but I am searching for something full ear.
The price range is from 80€ to 100€

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Computer Headset for music
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Got the KRK KNS-6400 cans, which should retail for about 99€. I really love their (quite flat) frequency response, and they are comfortable to wear, should fit a big head quite well. Only gripe is the quite short cable (I think 1.5m), you may need an extension cord when using them sitting away from your laptop/stereo.
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It's only audiophile if it's inconvenient.