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Topic: Tool to batch convert ID3 v2 to ID3 v1? (Read 2230 times) previous topic - next topic

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Tool to batch convert ID3 v2 to ID3 v1?

I know this is a very odd request, but my car has a very strange personality quirk. If It hits an mp3 with v2 tags, it shows a severely truncated rendition of the tags. Something like 5 to 8 letters. When I rip the v2 tags out and convert them to v1 they show up properly.

I keep my music in Apple Lossless and transcode to LAME MP3 using XLD when I want to make MP3 CDs. It only writes V2 tags, as far as I can see and I've dug through the options quite well. I'm hoping there's an OS X program out there, preferably free, that will let me run it on the output files and remove their V2 tags and convert them to V1 to get around this annoying quirk with my car radio.
Thanks in advance.

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Tool to batch convert ID3 v2 to ID3 v1?
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Just use foobar2000. Right click on playlist -> 'Tagging' -> 'Tag types' -> uncheck everything but ID3v1

Be aware, however, that you will loose all information which doesn't fit into the ID3v1 specification