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Topic: ID3v2 tags - images within mp3s keep disappearing? (Read 1439 times) previous topic - next topic

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ID3v2 tags - images within mp3s keep disappearing?
I am using the latest ID3-tagit to add ID3v2 tagged images to my mp3s, so album front covers show in foobar as they play. They add with no issues, show within foobar, but after a few weeks.. the jpg images within the mp3 disappear. ID3-tagit shows that they have definately been deleted, with no images present anymore. I have no players or programs set to remove any data or update mp3s, so whats the likely reason? At first I thought it was the image size, as I like to use fairly large jpgs within mp3s, but a small amount of albums still have their image data present, still containing large imagery (500x500 or more). Whats the most likely reason for the problem-eg does foobar edit tags by default? Thanks for any suggestions