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Copy playlist to RAM?
I do have a RAM disk (DataRAM), so I could do this manually, but I think it'd be useful if there was a way to have Foobar2000 copy everything it's going to be playing into RAM so that the HDD can be turned off. There could be a "RAM playlist" of sorts. I only use one playlist, so that'd be my default. I have lots of RAM since the price crashed :-)


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Copy playlist to RAM?
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Copy playlist to RAM?
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I have lots of RAM since the price crashed :-)

HDs still have a clear advantage on cost/GB but SSD prices are falling fast lately.
Until SSDs reach a good price point for you, the RAM-disk component pointed by tpijag is your best friend.

Besides this component, there is foobar file buffering:
Preferences -> Advanced -> Playback -> Full file buffering up to (kB)

But it only work as you want when playing songs from multi-track files.
For playlist with songs from individual files and/or mixed songs from multi-track albuns, the RAM-Disk component is the definitive solution.

Copy playlist to RAM?
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Oh awesome. Thanks guys this looks like exactly what I'm after. That's quite unusual! Haha.

EDIT: ...Oh you have to add tracks to the RAM disk manually, and then add them to the playlist from there. Shame, but I guess it works.
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