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"backseeking doesn't seem to work for flushing cache" -
I'm about to start ripping my CD collection (1600+) and want to get it right first time. As part of my preparation I carried out a cache analysis of my optical drive (LaCie D2) using XLD. As you can see the log report stated that there is a problem with my drive. I'm not sure exactly what the implications are. Should I be looking for another drive? FWIW I'll be using XLD Secure Ripper.

"X Lossless Decoder version 20120908 (141.1)

XLD drive cache analysis logfile

Used drive : Optiarc DVD RW AD-7261S (revision 1.03)

Your drive seems to have a cache of 17 sectors (39 Kbytes).
The cache size is small enough for cdparanoia III 10.2 engine, but backseeking doesn't seem to work for flushing cache. Please be careful with this drive

End of status report"

Thanks. I'm keen to get ripping and thought I'd finally fathomed out what I needed to know then I found this - any help will be gratefully received.