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[TOS #5] From: foobar2000 v1.1.15 final
First, thank you for this great audio player!

few remarks/feature requests if I may(flamesuit on  ) :

1) the ability to disable the "enqueue" options from the right-click menus in Windows Explorer because those menus are already cluttered enough on my system and I never enqueue whatsoever.

2) the ability to make automatic DSP profiles for stereo or multichannel music, so I can use a crossfeed VST plugin for the former and a downmix matrix to stereo(using foo_dsp_mm.dll) for the latter. Atm, DSP profiles are all manual, that's really not user friendly.

3) an option(did I miss it??) so whenever I click on new single audio files, they are played instantly(no enqueue!) but still added to the current playlist.....atm they erase the current playlist, cruel world 

4) a right-click option on every audio filetype that would say "play current folder in foobar2000" so I won't have to either create .m3u files anymore or open the double-pane windows explorer, scroll down to the right folder and right-click "Play in foobar2000" on the right folder.

Otherwise, could you please tell me the syntax that needs to be sent to foobar in order to make it play all the audio files in the same folder? I would guess that the "Play in foobar2000" right-click option on folders must be stating a specific argument to foobar, could you please tell me what it is?

All this would really make my day, I hope you will consider them. Thanks for reading and developing this fantastic audio player