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Any Music Managers that "pool" USB storage volumes on device
I use my Nokia phone as a classical music playing device (good audio playback quality). The device has 16GB mass memory and a removable 32GB microSD card, both appearing as separate volumes in MTP or USB storage mode. I use MTP mode (well, I leave it in the default "Nokia Suite" mode which appears to be similar to MTP mode) to transfer music to each volume, organized in album folders under "music" on each volume. The phones music player can use the MP3 tag "Album" (among other tags) to sort music, and the only restriction is that tracks with the same sorting tag in different volumes get separately listed by the player.

At the moment I use MusicBee as my all-purpose music ripper, tagger, librarian, and device transfer software. Very nice, but I have keep configure & track manually which albums or genres I have put on each MTP/USB volume and try to avoid duplicate transfers.

Is anyone aware of a music library and transfer software that will allow me to pool or consolidate the mass memory and microSD volumes, such that I can manage them as one single storage pool? The software would keep track of what was already on the two storage volumes and simply fill up one volume and switch to the next when transferring files.

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Any Music Managers that "pool" USB storage volumes on device
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I use Helium and it consolidates the tunes on 3 USB drives. It has a free version so you can try it first without investing your shirt.