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  • yeeeargh
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Error after applying ReplayGain
Hi there,

I encountered a bug or problem and hopefully somebody can help me with it. I have several mp3-files which get defective after applying ReplayGain to the file.
The problem is reproducable and occurs with different (but not all) files too. So this is what I do:

1. Verify the file to make sure it's ok. I use foo_verifier to do that.
Code: [Select]
Item: "C:\Users\xxx\Desktop\test.mp3"
No problems found.

All items decoded successfully.

2. Either "Scan per-file track gain" or "Scan selection as a single album". Makes no difference which one I take.

3. Apply the track or album gain. Console says that it worked.
Code: [Select]
MP3 gain adjustment: "C:\Users\xxx\Desktop\test.mp3" altered successfully by -2.

4. Verify the file again to make sure everything's fine.
Code: [Select]
Item: "C:\Users\xxx\Desktop\test.mp3"
Error: MPEG frame checksum mismatch.

1 item could not be correctly decoded.

List of undecodable items:

Here's a link to the file I tested:

Here's a list of the components I use:
Code: [Select]
Core (2012-08-18 07:20:08 UTC)
    foobar2000 core 1.1.14a
foo_albumlist.dll (2012-08-18 07:18:56 UTC)
    Album List 4.5
foo_cdda.dll (2012-08-18 07:18:44 UTC)
    CD Audio Decoder 3.0
foo_converter.dll (2012-08-18 07:18:24 UTC)
    Converter 1.5
foo_dop.dll (2012-03-07 10:26:57 UTC)
    iPod manager
foo_dsp_std.dll (2012-08-18 07:18:58 UTC)
    Standard DSP Array 1.0
foo_facets.dll (2011-09-21 16:32:07 UTC)
    Facets 1.0
foo_fileops.dll (2012-08-18 07:19:04 UTC)
    File Operations 2.1.3
foo_freedb2.dll (2012-08-18 07:17:26 UTC)
    freedb Tagger 0.6.4
foo_input_std.dll (2012-08-18 07:21:04 UTC)
    Standard Input Array 1.0
foo_rgscan.dll (2012-08-18 07:18:00 UTC)
    ReplayGain Scanner 2.1.2
foo_run.dll (2009-06-07 13:15:18 UTC)
    Run services 0.3.7
foo_simplaylist.dll (2011-08-18 20:10:52 UTC)
    SimPlaylist 1.0
foo_softplaylists.dll (2011-02-05 10:21:54 UTC)
    Soft Playlists 2011-02-05
foo_textdisplay.dll (2011-06-05 20:58:20 UTC)
    Text Display UI Element 1.1 beta 1
foo_ui_std.dll (2012-08-18 07:18:20 UTC)
    Default User Interface 0.9.5
foo_unpack.dll (2012-08-18 07:18:32 UTC)
    ZIP/GZIP/RAR Reader 1.6
foo_verifier.dll (2012-09-05 17:25:17 UTC)
    File Integrity Verifier 1.1
foo_w7shell.dll (2012-05-27 16:05:21 UTC)
    Windows 7 integration

I expected that after applying the gain the mp3-file still has no errors, and for the most part of my music this is the case. Does anyone have a clue why this could cause problems with specific files?
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  • yeeeargh
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Error after applying ReplayGain
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sorry, linked the wrong mp3 and i can't edit my post for some reason. this one is the valid one before replaygain scanning:


  • Rollin
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Error after applying ReplayGain
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Error: MPEG frame checksum mismatch.

Original file has CRC in frames, and foobar can't rewrite this CRC when alters file.
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  • mjb2006
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Error after applying ReplayGain
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Is there a particular reason why foobar can't/won't rewrite the CRC?

  • Rollin
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Error after applying ReplayGain
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If you really want to remove CRC, you can repack file using mp3packer.

  • Peter
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Error after applying ReplayGain
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No need to remove CRC from your file. It was a goofy bug in foobar2000 code altering MP3 frames - it was supposed to write updated CRCs, but it didn't quite do so. Fixed now.

Thanks for the report.

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Error after applying ReplayGain
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no, I have to thank you for your nice piece of software you got there!