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Thoughts on plugin to sync, convert, etc. for USB mass-storage devices
However, I'm not going to beg or hold my breath. If the desire for a decent ipod music sync program does not exist on the internet, then I will either have to adapt to utilizing the tools that are available or a different music player. I haven't properly weighed my options but continually sinking 100s of dollars into 3rd party software is not a very intelligent solution to the problem as anyone might be able to conclude.
You could also take this to Apple and ask them to offer an API to interface with, or refuse to buy hardware made by vendors who prohibit third-party usage of their hardware. It's not like the iPod is the only portable music player out there.

I probably donated around $100 dollars to musicmusic over the life of foo_dop.
Two Sansa Clip+s.

Oddly I don't believe there anything with the functionality of foo_dop for USB Mass Storage playback devices. And it'd be much much easier to develop I'd imagine. It would be something that would work for Android devices, Sansa Clip+s, Cowon devices, older iRivers, etc.

A sync component, that auto converts FLACS, can auto attach album art in a folder, syncs playlists, deletes things from the player automatically and is somewhat actively maintained would be great for USB devices . Maybe even Rockbox compatibility for automatic scrobbling? Nobody would need to reverse engineer anything I believe. Though this may not help the apple fans, that does appear to be the price of a very closed platform, and it at least would allow a fully featured sync component for some portion of the user base.