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iTunes Downloads aren't transferable
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CD's are obsolete IMO. Where the heck are you supposed to store all your CD's once you have obtained a decent collection? I have a large collection stashed in the basement, under a ton of rubbish, so I can't even imagine trying to go and get one of them if I needed to. I haven't had a CD-player in years.
Of course, pure digital file distribution would be more desirable, but as long as you only get licenses and lossy files in most online stores, CD is the best format, still.
Yes, and sadly, that's why people still download, illegally, as much as they do.
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iTunes Downloads aren't transferable
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If iTunes downloads become officially personal property, and thus transferable upon my death, they'll need to be inventoried and assessed during probate.
Considering the RIAA appears to have set civil precedent that a track is worth upwards of $10,000 I will bankrupt my family through estate taxes.

This is the most brilliant deduction I have ever read on this worn out subject.