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Topic: How to correct playing time in a (single) FLAC file? (Read 1610 times) previous topic - next topic

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How to correct playing time in a (single) FLAC file?
Hi all,

I am having some files that have been generated from (complete album-) ape files (I do not have anymore). I converted them using CUE files (I got along with the ape) and converted them to single files.

Only late, I discovered that some (only a few though) of the files do have (show) false playing time - maybe the cue files have been wrong, I don't know. For example, one shows 28 Minutes but is only some 4:34 long.

Is there any tool that could help me to correct that value in a FLAC file?

Thanks for any hints

p.s.: yes, I searched the web, but seems I am using wrong terms (play time, time, titletime)
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How to correct playing time in a (single) FLAC file?
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What software did you use to split the disc images to separate tracks (specified in the CUE sheets)?

If you used Medieval CUE Splitter, then such issues can indeed happen. Re-encoding those files using the FLAC binary along with the --sector-align option may fix the issues (the files will still remain imperfectly split, because Medieval CUE Splitter is that crappy). Another thing you could try is rewriting the tags using foobar2000.