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[TOS #9] Coversion from legitimately aquired protected audio format to
Hello all. Let me start by saying that i've done alot of research into this, but because i know little to nothing about digital audio i'm now more confused than before. I'm hoping someone will take pity on me and explain in simple terms the answers to my questions.
I have purchased several audio files that i need to convert to mp3 in order to play them on a portable device. I believe they are a protected form of mp4b. They are 64kbps  22.050khz and stereo, i think its joint stereo, i don't know the bit depth.
The only way i can convert them is by playing and recording them at normal speed through my sound card which i know how to do.
I want to keep the file size as near to the original and with as little quality loss as possible.
The program i'm using doesn't give a configurable option for sample rate or mono.
So, i can record these files into 64kbps 22.050 joint stereo, or 128kbps joint stereo, or WAV then convert them to 64kbps 22.050 mono with another program.
If i go with the mono option i could choose 44.1khz, would this help preserve quality (i realise it wouldn't increase quailty).

Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Ps, the content of these files is spoken word only, no music.
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