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Passing HDMI video through AV receiver disables computer audio
I am having an issue with my monitor configuration that I suspect to be either a DRM encryption (Microsoft PlayReady?) or video/audio encoding issue..

I turn on my computer, play an MP3, and physically disconnect all my displays so that I only have my GPU outputting (HDMI out) directly to my AV receiver (HDMI in).
Sound works and I have no displays running (obviously because I am only outputting to my AV receiver via HDMI).
As soon as I connect a monitor to my AV receiver's only HDMI out to pass the video through to the display, the sound cuts out. That is, the audio service is entirely disabled. The only way to get audio back online is to power off or disconnect the monitor that is connected to the AV receiver, turn the receiver off, and then turn it back on.
Depending on the display that is connected to the AV receiver, I may either receive or not receive the video that is being passed through. It seems my Apple 23" HD Cinema display (1900X1200 max) works fine when I connect it via DVI using a DVI (f) -> DVI (m) adapter. My Scepter 25" (1900X1200 max) monitor doesn't get video in this type of configuration. Similarly, my Scepter 22" (1680X1050 max) doesn't get video when it is connected, and it is connected natively via HDMI (it features an HDMI input and input selector). All displays connected disable the audio as soon as they are plugged in, however.

I've been experiencing this issue while outputting sound using my onboard Intel HD Graphics/Audio, my previous NVIDIA card (using dvi->hdmi adapter from the output), and with my current AMD 6950. It happens in single-screen, dual-screen, and Eyefinity configurations.
I can pass my PS3 through the receiver via HDMI just fine. This all leads me to believe it is either a Windows-based problem or a hardware incompatibility, probably caused by a Windows-based issue.

Any ideas? THANKS!

- d3d

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Passing HDMI video through AV receiver disables computer audio
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The most likely cause is that your receiver is passing through the audio capabilities of your monitors to your PC.  Problem is, your monitors have no audio capabilities, thus no sound.  Look for a setting in your receiver config to disable audio passthrough over HDMI.