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My latest music work: Lost

New music work: Lost

For my English reading friends, here are the translation:

At the beginner, the consciousness was a pure energy merged with the space fabric. With a careless thought It started to materialize and became trapped in a physical body.

In the physical world, sufferings were inevitable. All the passions, hatred, hindrances and vengeance had blurred one's mind, blocking the way back out.

Even being an emperor or a general with significant achievements, had absolutely no bargain against the life and death cycle.

Reincarnated again and again, one had drifted along the time and arrived the modern era, where every sin was being exaggerated and difficult to stay away from.

With a timely warning, the one looked back through one's history along the time and all those lives and deaths. Afterward, the one's only goal was to return to the space fabric.