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format-independent player/catalog/DB tool?
I'm looking for a player / music organizing /cataloging database tool that will allow me to organize my audio files (and their container collections/albums) as abstract objects, of which a given file is just a "child instance".

I'm looking for some intelligence so that when say I classify genre/mood/style or give a rating when listening to the FLAC "master" file, the catalog can recognize a matching MP3 file and if not automatically apply the more recently updated changes, prompt me to reconcile the differences or at least somehow flag the file as being "out of sync".

In other words keeping track of objects by their tag attributes, recognizing that filesystem details are secondary.

I could swear I came across an announcement about one of the tools recently switching over to such a model, but I can't remember which and it's a topic that doesn't seem amenable to googling easily.

An only slightly related second question while I'm at it:

Since there is very little interoperability possibilities wrt rating tags, I'm going to use my own custom tag as a "master" and for MP3 output files, script importing/exporting from the various POPM flavours depending on the target player currently in use for rating purposes.

I've noticed that many players will arbitrarily strip out foreign rating tags, even though the spec is designed to allow multiples.

Can anyone recommend players that **do** do ratings decently but are also respectful of tag integrity even if they come from other apps?

Thanks in advance.

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format-independent player/catalog/DB tool?
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