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Remove silence from mp3s
long time since i posted last, but now i have a question about music so u guys are my first idea

I have a bunch of songs that are ripped from web radios, youtube etc which have "silence" parts at the end or the beginning.
Before i start cutting all of them in Audacity or mp3directcut, i wanted to know if there is a tool which does things like this automaticcaly for me;)

I useed foobar2k fpr years so i activated the Skip silence option and rly forgot about it, but since i bought the ipod Nano i use itunes and cant find such a feature...

can u help me? or do i have to wirk myselfe through my library by hand?

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Remove silence from mp3s
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GoldWave has a batch processing feature that will let you use any of its effects (one of which is silence reduction) across large numbers of files.

However, if your files aren't lossless, audio quality will be degraded by doing this, since it involves decoding them for editing, then re-encoding. Whether the quality degradation will be audible is another question, but if you're worried about it - MP3directcut doesn't do any re-encoding, so it would be the "safest" way to go in terms of sound quality.

Remove silence from mp3s
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mp3DirectCut is the only software I know, that claims to allow splitting  of mp3 files without re-encoding.

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Remove silence from mp3s
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There is also mp3SPLT

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Remove silence from mp3s
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I've used mpTrim to do what you describe.  It does not transcode.  It has a batch mode, but I think it's only available in the paid version.